Town Plans

Comprehensive Plan

Zoning MapThe Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) requires that municipalities maintain an up-to-date Comprehensive Plan. The Town Council adopted the current Comprehensive Plan on September 28, 2020.

The Town of La Plata has enjoyed a long history of effective planning. Over the years, the elected body, the Mayor and Town Council, and the appointed planning body, the Planning Commission, have taken the process very seriously. The Comprehensive Plans written for La Plata in the past have been the principal means by which the community, Planning Commission and Town Council has set priorities and measured its success. When adopted, this document will replace the 2009 Town of La Plata Comprehensive Plan and extend the planning horizon year to 2040.

The Plan is a policy guide for both the Town Council and Planning Commission groups as they assess the location, character and extent of proposed public and private development within La Plata. The Plan's goals and objectives are implemented over time through the decisions related to annexations, rezoning, subdivision of land, and the location and construction of public improvements.

Copies of the Plan are available at the Town Hall and also online (PDF).

Comprehensive Parks & Recreation Master Plan (CPRMP)

ParkThe Town Council adopted the Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan (CPRMP) (PDF) on February 22, 2011. The

Master Plan provides policy guidance as the Town considers future parks and recreation facilities as part of an integrated, fully-developed parks system.

The CPRMP implements a key objective Town's October 2009 Comprehensive Plan, specifically, "Adopt and implement a Parks Capital Expansion Plan after a thorough inventory and assessment of existing facilities is complete."

In addition to an inventory and mapping of existing parks/recreation facilities, the Master Plan recommends future parks and recreation areas, an associated operating plan and capital improvement plan linked to implementation benchmarks, based on the Town's projected population growth over the next twenty years.

Transportation Study

The Town in conjunction with Charles County, Department of Planning and Growth Management performed a Traffic Study (PDF). The purpose of this study was to collect and analyze data on the Town's street network including more than 45 miles of roadway and 7 signalized intersections. The study evaluated the following: current bicycle/pedestrian facilities and recommendations for improving safety and access to users, the need for future road improvements to remedy problem areas. The results from this study will be used to aid the Town in planning, prioritizing, and funding capital improvement projects as well as managing future growth, planned land uses, and associated traffic from proposed developments.

Vision Plan for Greater La Plata & Downtown Plan

Vision PlanIn March of 2000, the Town adopted its Vision Plan for Greater La Plata (PDF) (Vision Plan). After years of input from the community, it served as a foundation for future planning and service to the community. In 2002, the Vision Plan along with its partner Plan for the Future of Downtown La Plata (PDF) (Downtown Plan) served as the guides for rebuilding La Plata after the devastating tornado damage that spring.

The La Plata Planning Department provides support to the La Plata Town Center Corporation, a separate 501(c)6 organization that was established as an outgrowth of the Vision Planning Process. In 2016 the LPTCC contracted with the Urban Land Institute to conduct a Technical Assistance Panel, which has produced a report (PDF). The report created from the ULI TAP may be found here.

Zoning Map

The current Town Zoning Map (PDF) was approved in 2020.