Sign Permits

Signs should be designed to convey accurate information and enhance the aesthetic environment in a manner that will protect property values and create a more attractive economic and business climate for the Town.

The Code of Ordinances requires a permit for most signs, and it specifies the maximums for height and square footage that are permitted in the Town of La Plata based on zoning district. Design Review Board (DRB) approval is also required for some signs.

Before applying for a sign permit please review the sign code regulations under Chapter 191.

Applying for a Sign Permit

Complete a Sign permit application, and submit the following:

  • Provide a site plan with the location of the proposed sign proving the sign does not interfere with the "sight visibility triangle."
  • Provide a scaled sketch of the sign(s) with dimensions and wording/graphics (including total square footage).
  • Written permission from the property owner if the applicant is not the property owner.

Review of Sign Permit Application

Staff will review the application for compliance with the Town's sign regulations. Photographs of the site can help staff become familiar with the existing signage on the property and may expedite the review process, but are optional. Review of sign permit applications typically take 1 to 2 weeks to approve, provided applications comply with all applicable regulations. Once a sign permit application is approved, the permit will be issued; fees for signs are due at the time the permit is picked up at Town Hall. (See the current schedule of fees).

Sign Brochure (PDF)