Code Enforcement

Building Construction Hours

Section 137-2 of the Town Code prohibits the alteration, repair or construction of buildings before 7 am Monday through Friday and 8 am on Saturdays. No work is permitted on Sundays.

Grass & Weeds

According to Section 117-11 of the Town Code, an owner, occupant or person in control of any lot or parcel of land within the town shall ensure that grass and weeds do not exceed ten inches in height.

Rental License

As per Town Code Section 155-1, the Town has a rental licensing program for single-family and multifamily rental dwellings. The owner of every rental property is required to obtain and maintain a rental license.

Snow & Ice Removal

Section 170-6 of the Town Code requires the owner of property abutting a public sidewalk to remove snow from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the snow has fallen.

Unregistered or Abandoned Vehicles

Section 181-6 of the Town Code prohibits unregistered or inoperable vehicles from being parked or stored on private property unless concealed from public view in a fully enclosed garage. It is also forbidden to use on-street parking for unregistered or inoperable vehicle storage.

Reporting Violations

To report a violation, email Aaron Mosrie, Code Enforcement, or call 301-934-8421, ext. 2301.