Hotel Rental Tax

The Town of La Plata imposes a 2% Hotel Rental Tax upon each and every person, who for any period of not more than four consecutive months, actually occupies sleeping accommodations for which a charge is made in any hotel, motel or other similar place offering sleeping accommodations for ten or more persons at any one time. Every provider of accommodations receiving any payment for room rental subject to this tax shall collect the amount of tax due at the time payment is made for the room and send a report and remittance of tax collected to the Town of La Plata.

Effective July 1, 2015, all hotels and motels within the Town of La Plata must collect this tax and remit it to the Town.

If you have questions regarding the tax, please contact the Town of La Plata Finance Department located in the Town Hall, 305 Queen Anne Street, La Plata, Maryland 20646 or call them at 301-934-8421. The Hotel Rental Tax Report form (PDF) used for reporting and remitting the taxes and the Hotel Rental Tax Information sheet (PDF) is available online and may be printed from the Forms and Applications section of this website.